Holy Sh*t You Need to Watch This Daughter-Dad Duo Beatbox

It runs in the family.
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I'm honestly not sure I’ve ever tried my hand at beatboxing, but if I ever have, I’m sure I was exceedingly bad.

St. Louis-based musician Nicole Paris, and her father Ed Cage, however, are pretty damn good at beatboxing. Last summer, a video of them beatbox battling went viral on Facebook.

Just press play. It’s amazing...

Last week, the two released a new video, which is somehow even more unbelievable than their first. This time, though, instead of battling the whole time, dad and daughter performed together. 

Paris and Cage were interviewed by BBC in September, where Cage revealed that he’s a self-taught beatboxer. He also told the story of how Paris became so good at beatboxing:

“We had three kids, so out of all three of our kids, I had to find something to bond with my kids because I was a young father and I was working a whole lot. I had like four jobs. And with Nicole, of course, it was beatboxing. So when I would come home from work—Nicole, she would sit up and wait for me at night. She would get up and come out of her bed and she would sit on my lap and I would do just a simple beat.”

Many of the Facebook comments on the first video suggested that Paris beat her father at the challenge, and while she is an exceptional beatboxer, that isn't the point. What is amazing is how cool it is that a father and daughter can come together like this—I mean, the most I ever do with my dad is playing tennis or golf, ha—and their combined familial skill is nothing short of a Holy Sh*t moment.


By Tara Mahadevan. Follow her on Twitter.

Photo Credit: Facebook