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Holy Sh*t You Need to Hear Pusha T's "H.G.T.V."

Pusha T finally returns with a new single and it's scorching hot.

I wasn’t finished with my first listen of Pusha T’s latest single “H.G.T.V.” and I was already reaching for the rewind button. An excitement rushed through me, the song filled me with the euphoric feeling of hearing rhymes that you just had to hear again.

He begins the song with a boast, “Half a year later still haven’t heard an album greater,” and it only gets more braggadocious from there. It’s the way Pusha raps―the charisma, the confidence, the cleverness; each line has a way of hitting the ears that can only be compared to Tyson's infamous bite. He is a rapper’s rapper, and he makes it sound so effortless.

I’m convinced Pusha writes with a pen that was dipped in Blue Magic before touching the page. He is a veteran but still raps with the hunger of a new artist that has something to prove. His punches never feel light, his delivery is far from lazy, and even the growl in his tone is still very apparent. Even though he’s the president of G.O.O.D Music, even though he's partnered with Hillary Clinton, Pusha T is still a monster on the microphone. Mike WilLL Made-It supplies the production, a funky drum pattern that is grimy, yet minimalistic. It’s not the most overwhelming, or hard hitting trap banger, but the perfect dirty canvas for Pusha to stomp all over.

Pusha also takes a moment to speak directly to any naysayers about him being G.O.O.D Music’s top lieutenant and his decision to sign Desiigner. He even predicts that the same rappers who sent shade to the “Panda” artist will be driving for Uber next year. It shows that he was aware the entire time of the signing criticism, and found the perfect way to clap back. In slightly over 2-minutes Pusha delivers a verse that will surely be quoted until his album drops. Pusha claims that he’s Top-5 and with a verse like this I think he’s opening up the doors for a very real debate.



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“H.G.T.V” was released as a music video directed by Yung Jake. I don’t know what the title means, but the video begins with a T.V. screen showing a stove being lit―it doesn’t get any more Pusha T.  The video is simple, a one-shot, but what makes the video captivating are the subtle changes. As the camera rotates, Pusha’s clothes change and his seating. I haven’t watched long enough, but I’m almost certain they represent the many changes in Pusha’s fashion. Especially since the last thing he’s wearing is a black suit, the look of a president. Pusha knows how to be minimal, but creative—it’s a homerun in both the audio and visual department.

Pusha proclaimed that he’s an album of the year candidate every year,  a possible hint that he will be dropping something before the end of 2016. I didn’t include Pusha T on my list of albums I was anticipating before the end of the year, but this one song is a good reason to add him. It’s a scorching hot teaser and a great reminder that Pusha is a force to be reckoned with. Even if a suit has replaced his Bape, even if he’s in the office more than over the stove, he’s still more Blowbama than Obama.

All hail King Push.


Yoh, aka Yohbama , aka @Yoh31

Photo Credit: YouTube



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