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3 Questions Before The Game Releases "1992"

The Compton veteran is about to unleash a new album, but nobody is talking about the music.

On Friday (October 14), The Game will drop his eighth studio album, 1992. In advance of the release, the veteran Compton rapper has unveiled singles "All Eyez," "True Colors/It’s On" and "Baby You," but it's his social media-driven beef with Meek Mill—not his new material—that has snatched up all of the headlines.  

Will the publicity generated by the beef help The Game to drum up excitement and first week sales? Is anyone actually excited about the rapper's fifth project release in less than a year? What celebrity will be name-dropped the most by rap's King of the name drop?

To answer these questions, we touched based with Yoh, Senior Editor here at DJBooth, Brendan Varan​, Managing Editor at DJBooth, and Khal, Senior Editor at Complex

1. The Game spent the last month openly beefing with Meek Mill on social media. Will the publicity generated by the beef have a positive, negative or no effect on "1992"?

Yoh, DJBooth: I didn’t know The Game was dropping an album. He beefs so often, so normally, I didn’t think he had something to sell. If The Game could, he would beef with his breakfast, and it would be ordinary.

Brendan, DJBooth: I have to imagine it’s helped most people actually realize there was a new The Game album on the way, though, I also imagine most of those people still don’t care. If anything, it was a yawn-worthy distraction from music, and I’ll take a memorable single over meaningless beef any day.

Khal, Complex: I don't think the beef will be negative for 1992, but I also don't think it'll have an overwhelmingly positive effect on the push for the album, primarily because this is just how it's always been done; drum up some type of talk, then release your project. The only thing is, the beef went from The Game versus Meek Mill to Meek versus Beanie Sigel, so unless there's more Meek talk on the project, it just seems kind of pointless.

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2. When is the last time you were truly excited about a new album from The Game?

Yoh: I have a physical copy of The Documentary so as a fan I go back as far as The Game’s debut. Even though sequels are never good as their predecessor, I was excited for The Documentary 2.

Brendan: I was interested in how Game would manage to tie in Documentary 2 with its career-launching predecessor, but the last album I was truly excited for was Jesus Piece, which I still consider overlooked and might be my second favorite Game project. “Ali Bomaye” and “All That (Lady)” are still two all-time Game songs, the preceding Sunday Service series was a solid appetizer (especially “Stripper” with Wale), and the promise of a sample-loaded concept album was enough to get me fully invested.

Khal: Was I ever truly excited about The Game? I dug his earlier projects, but his name dropping always rubbed me the wrong way. Read: the shit felt corny to me. He always has a few tracks on every album that I bump, and The Documentary 2 surprised me, but I never had Game on my "anticipated" list.

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3. Who will be the most name-dropped artist or celebrity on "1992"?

Yoh: I trust that Dr. Dre will somehow be the most name-dropped. If not Dre, then Meek Mill.

Brendan: I just pray there are no Harambe references, but the safe money is always on Dr. Dre.

Khal: I honestly don't know. Either Dr. Dre, Kendrick, or Jafar.



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