Rhymefest is Back With a Vengeance With Incendiary "Believe" Video

The Chicago-bred emcee/activist is back to offer his unique brand of socially-conscious hip-hop.

Throughout his career, Rhymefest has worn many hats—activist, writer, rapper, almost-Alderman. An early and frequent Kanye-collaborator, Rhymefest has writing credits on at least four of Ye’s albums, yet his solo work has garnered a much smaller level of acclaim, mostly due to his unflinching stance on social awareness and a determination to stay true to his craft.

After two albums and a slew of mixtape releases, Rhymefest decided to step back from the hip-hop realm for a while, running for Alderman of Chicago’s 20th ward, and losing by a slim margin to incumbent Willie Cochran. Rhymefest and his wife also collaboratively launched Donda’s House, a non-profit inspired by Kanye West’s mother that supplies young aspiring artists in Chicago with the resources needed to pursue their dreams.

Both in his music and his social dealings, Rhymefest has always remained a voice of the people, and with his new song “Believe” and its accompanying video, Fest addresses some of the woes plaguing our society in the way only he can.

On the track, Rhymefest details many of the issues that have been on his mind regarding the ongoing socioeconomic and racial battles in America.

On a more personal note, Rhymefest also addresses his own shortcomings as a father, a matter that Fest himself experienced in finding and attempting to reconnect with his father after a 25-year absence—an experience he turned into the riveting Showtime-produced documentary In My Father’s House.

While he's been relatively quiet on the music front over the past few years, “Believe” offers every indication that not only is Rhymefest back to his old ways, he’s better than ever before and has plenty to say. 


By Brent Bradley. Follow him on Twitter.

Photo Credit: YouTube