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Drake's "One Dance" Becomes Most Streamed Song on Spotify

The hit single from his "VIEWS" album has racked up close to 900 million plays on the streaming platform.

As soon as Drake released "One Dance," we knew it would be a hit record. But even the biggest Drake stans in the world couldn't have predicted that five months after being added to Spotify, the smash single would go on to rack up 880,392,579 streams, becoming the most streamed song on Spotify. This news comes three weeks after Views, the project on which "One Dance" is housed, became the first album to achieve 1 billion streams on Apple Music.

Regardless of how many Spotify-created playlists have featured the Wizkid and Kyla-assisted record, which certainly played a huge role in the meteoric rise of "One Dance," racking up close to 900 million plays is beyond impressive. In doing so, Drake passed the previous most-played song on Spotify, Major Lazer's "Lean On," which currently boasts a meager 875 million streams.

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The most impressive part of Drake's monumental achievement, however, will come in the form of royalty payments. Spotify pays artists between $0.006 and $0.0084 per song stream. More popular artists tend to earn closer to $0.0084 per stream, but, for the sake conservatism, let's meet in the middle and say Drake earns $0.0072 per stream. Based on the "One Dance" stream count of 880,392,579, Drake and his labels have earned roughly $6.3 million. Damn.



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Add royalty earnings from radio play, YouTube, Apple Music, and Tidal, along with any placements on TV, film or in video games, and it's likely Drake has earned in upwards of $20 million off one dance record. 

Surprisingly, "One Dance" is Drake's most popular song on Spotify by a wide margin. The next closest record featuring Drake, Rihanna's "Work," has, to date, notched 554 million streams.


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