Kanye West is “Going to Elevate Everything You Do," According to Common

There's no doubt about it — Kanye can level up an artist's artistry.

Common and Kanye are famous longtime collaborators. Common lent verses to Kanye’s first two studio albums, The College Dropout and Late Registration, while Kanye supplied a majority of the production on Common's albums Be and Finding Forever. From there, the two Chicago natives have remained were indelibly connected to each other’s careers, despite Common's departure from Ye's G.O.O.D. Music label.

So, if you ever asked Common what it’s like working with Kanye, you shouldn’t be surprised that Common thinks Kanye is devalued.

Common shared that sentiment with Pitchfork, on the latest “Over/Under” video, where he had the following to say about Kanye:

“Man, that’s underrated. When you work with him, he’s gonna elevate your whole, everything you do as far as an artist. On the song ‘The Corner’ that I did with Kanye, it was like, I laid the rhyme down and I wanted to rap it again and he was like, ‘Man, it’s right man. Keep that take.’... Soon as I laid the rap, he said, ‘Man, I see this video—you should be out in Chicago, we should be going through Chicago and it’s just cold and it’s like smoke.’ Man, do you understand—we went to film that video. It was like one of the coldest days I ever had in Chicago. I was super sick. But he’s a genius.”

Underrated wouldn’t be the word I’d use to describe anything about Kanye West—but, my opinion mostly stems from the fact that he’s constantly in our faces. You can’t go a day without seeing a headline that bears Yeezy’s name, or that of wife Kim Kardashian West, or his children North and Saint. Kanye is omnipresent.

That being said, his impressive track record speaks directly to his ability to level up an artist's artistry—and I do believe he’s a genius. As a rapper, producer, and designer, he’s pushed so many boundaries and proven his worth time and time again, and that’s nothing but admirable.

Just ask Common.



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