Chance The Rapper Releases "How Great" Video, But It's Not That Great

The video serves as a reminder that no artist is perfect, and everyone has the occasional misfire.

Just like thousands of other fans, I've had Chance The Rapper’s magnificent mixtape/album Coloring Bookin heavy rotation since its May release.

For five straight months, Chance could do no wrong. Every song, every video, every wildly imaginative television performance seemed to top the last—the man was on a creative hot streak the likes of which we haven’t seen since Kanye’s peak.

But then I watched Chance's latest video for “How Great,” and, for the first time in his career, I thought, "this is not great."

One of many standout tracks from Coloring Book, “How Great” is a bright, gospel-driven anthem that evokes the sheer magnitude of the idea of God through powerful vocalization as well as heartfelt performances by Chance and the ever-elusive Jay Electronica.

The video released by Chance, a live performance of the song shot entirely on an iPhone and released through Twitter, totally missed the mark. Not only is none of the depth and weight of the song captured through the visuals, the audio quality is so poor you'd be better served by pausing the video, hitting play on the actual song, and re-starting the video on mute. A creative idea, sure, but a subpar finished product nonetheless.

After a year full of nothing but wins, this video falls into the "L" category, and while it doesn’t detract from Chance's banner year or his fantastic project, it does serve as a rare reminder that Chance is, indeed, still operating as an independent artist and that constantly taking artistic risks is still, in fact, risky.

No artist is perfect, everyone has misfires, and Chance is no exception. This video is a sobering, bummer of a reminder of that cruel fact.  


By Brent Bradley. Follow him on Twitter.

Photo Credit: Twitter



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