"Rick Grimes is Dead," According to Murs' Latest Video

The veteran emcee capitalizes off of the most popular TV show in the country with a zombie-filled quickstrike release.

Anyone who’s been a fan of MURS for any extended period of time should be well versed in his nerddom. A frequent attendee of any and all events resembling Comic-Con, MURS' love for comics, video games, and popular culture have been well documented in his music as well as his online presence.

A quick skim through MURS’ Instagram will yield plenty of evidence of his obsession with The Walking Dead, an obsession that a large part of the country currently shares, which has made the show the most popular series on TV four years running.

With The Walking Dead’s seventh season premiering this Sunday (October 23), MURS wisely decided to capitalize on the show’s popularity, as well as offering a controversial non-spoiler, with his zombie-filled new video “Rick Grimes Is Dead."

While TWD fans across the country are waiting with baited breath to see who Negan kills off in the season premiere, MURS dons Negan’s infamous barbed wire bat and takes it to the show’s main character, Rick Grimes.

The song itself has very little to do with the show, focusing more on MURS’ role as a veteran in the game and asserting himself as a force to be reckoned with and respected, but the aggressive tone of the track matches the bleak visuals perfectly. 

Of course, Grimes isn’t going to die in Sunday’s show, but MURS makes the idea entertaining enough for a perfect supplement to a quickfire single.

By Brent Bradley. Follow him on Twitter.

Photo Credit: YouTube