Joe Budden Says Drake's Arrogance Will Eventually Be His Demise

Is the only one capable of knocking off the 6 God the 6 God himself?

On Monday (October 25), Joe Budden was a guest on The Combat Jack Show to promote his new album, Rage & The Machine.

The 80-minute episode featured a wide range of topics, including the growing popularity of hip-hop podcasts and his maturation as an emcee, but the most interesting portion came when Budden was asked about Drake's new "Two Birds, One Stone" record, which includes lines aimed at Pusha T and (arguably) Kid Cudi. 

Drake is at a point where it doesn't matter what you say. Doesn't matter how nice you are. It doesn't matter!

As our own Andy James pointed out on Monday, Drake's overall popularity has simply made him immune to taking rap beef L's. Several months removed from his one-sided sparring match with Drizzy, Budden even admitted that his attempts were "pointless."

Of course, veteran emcees like Budden or Pusha T could tear Drake apart bar-for-bar, but in 2016, winning a war of words is less all-out lyrical assault and more, "Is this diss record catchy enough to be played in clubs and reach the top of Apple Music playlists?"  

"The fact that we're even talking about Drake in that arena is a win for Drake," said Budden.

So, is there an emcee capable of taking down the 6 God? According to Budden, Drake's downfall will come at the hands of one man and one man only: Drake. "His arrogance is what will eventually be the demise of him."

When Drake does eventually fall from his peak—and he will fall, it's not a matter of if, but when—it will most likely be because his fanbase aged alongside him and the next, new shiny A-list artist after him captured the attention of the youth, the segment of the listening populace that has elevated Drake to untouchable in the here and now.  

In rap, just like in entertainment and in sports, Father Time is undefeated.



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