2 Chainz, "Hibachi For Lunch" & The Endless Hustle

Musically and otherwise, 2 Chainz has remained relevant through quality releases and brilliant business acumen.

Just over two months removed from the release of his Daniel Son; Necklace Don mixtape, 2 Chainz is back today (October 28) with a new seven-track offering entitled Hibachi For Lunch, a nod to the Atlanta emcee’s new clothing line of the same name, complete with $125 hoodies and $50 tees.

The release of the Hibachi For Lunch clothing line and accompanying mixtape are just the latest manifestations of a tireless hustle by 2 Chainz that has consistently kept his name in the headlines, and his pockets swole over his now lengthy career.

For starters, this isn't 2 Chainz's first clothing rodeo. Chainz has had sizeable success with his past forays into fashion. His genius decision to capitalize on the Migos-propelled “dab” craze with his Dabbin’ Santa sweaters and similar Christmas-themed merch netted the rapper just over two million dollars last year, and much of that went right back into his community in the form of charitable efforts.

More than just capitalizing on the meme of the moment, 2 Chainz' fashion world ventures also include his Strip Club Veteran brand, as well as the more recently launched CEO Millionaires (or, as you may have seen on a t-shirt, CEO,000,000). Chainz’s hustle, however, is not just relegated to clothing.

Musically, 2 Chainz has maintained his relevance through impeccably spaced project releases and a consistency in feature appearances that few artists could duplicate.

Aside from his collaborative ColleGrove album with Lil Wayne (released in March), Hibachi For Lunch is Chainz's third solo project of the year, following January's Felt Like Cappin and the aforementioned Daniel Son; Necklace Don from August. Outstanding appearances on projects from Post Malone, Chance The Rapper, Future and De La Soul keep his name in conversation even when there's not a new Tity Boi release, as does his close affiliation with G.O.O.D. Music.

As much as musical talent and business acumen play their part in 2 Chainz legacy, there's also something to be said for the rapper's clear understanding of viral culture.

Through his music videos as well as his series with GQ, Most Expensivest Shit, Chainz consistently offers up content that he knows damn well will be heavily shared online. This year's brilliantly viral “Watch Out” video is just the latest in a long line of instances in which 2 Chainz manipulates a sense of novelty and timeliness surrounding his music.


Say what you will about the quality of his output, but 2 Chainz is a massively entertaining rapper (maybe even the king of one-liners), and despite the fact that he may be passed his artistic prime, he has spent the last several years ensuring his place in the culture far beyond just music through a diverse range of ventures and brilliant marketing.

Only time will tell if Chainz’s latest attempt to get fans to pay $125 for a hoodie will be fruitful, but even if it isn't, rest assured Tity Boi is already thinking up his next hustle.


By Brent Bradley. Follow him on Twitter

Photo Credit: Instagram


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