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Meek Mill on Drake's "Back to Back": "I Thought It Was Hot"

The MMG rapper has learned from the errors of his ways and has matured as a result.

On Monday (October 31), Taxstone, the creator and host of the ever-popular Tax Season podcast, will release a brand new interview with Meek Mill. In a short clip from their conversation that was released this morning (October 28), Tax asks Meek about his first thoughts upon hearing Drake's "Back to Back" diss track.

Considering the unofficial tale of the tape will show that Meek lost his less than epic bout with Drake, some fans might be surprised to hear that Meek was a fan of the record.

"I ain’t think it was no shit that people was gonna be like, ‘you got killed.’ I thought it was hot."

Meek's admission that Drake delivered a "hot" record isn't something he would have given publically right after the song's release, but now that we're 15 months removed from its release, the recognition feels like a wise public relations decision. Meek is clearly looking to turn over a new leaf with the release of his new DC4mixtape album, but looking forward also means not retracing the same steps you made on your path to today.

If Meek had taken Taxstone's bait and answered his question with an inflammatory response, like "Man, that 'Back to Back' shit was wack, we all know Drake didn't even write that shit himself," he would have unintentionally reignited a beef he wasn't prepared for in the first place and again, prematurely put a lid on the buzz that his music had created (see also: Dreams Worth More Than Money).

Everyone makes mistakes. While most people make them in private, Meek made his on social media. This short clip, however, is proof that Meek has learned from the errors of his ways and has matured as a result. That's a win.