Meek Mill Issues a Lame Excuse for Not Responding to Drake's "Back to Back"

Who has time to not get ethered when you're on the road?

Fresh off the release of his excellent new album, DC4, Meek Mill joined Tax Stone on his Tax Season podcast. While their entire nearly two-hour long interview is wildly entertaining, one quote, in particular, stood out as befuddling.

After Tax asked Meek about his first impression of Drake's diss track "Back to Back," to which Meek said he "thought the song was hot," he followed-up with, "Why didn't you respond?"

Great question, right? Why didn't Meek deliver a proper, prompt response to "Back to Back"? After all, this is an artist with Philly battle rap roots.

"I was on tour at this time when all of that shit was going on, 'Back to Back.' And when I record, I don't really record like that. And I always move at my time."

There we have it, folks. The answer we've all been waiting for. Meek decided he couldn't clap back at Drake's "Back to Back" because he was on tour, he doesn't record "like that" and he "moves at my time."

Is he serious? I hope he's not serious.

Meek started a war of words with the most popular artist on the planet on social media, received a response in the form of not one, but two diss records, and then couldn't be bothered to author a strong reply in a timely fashion? 

So what if you're on tour? Record on the bus or at the hotel. You don't really record like that? OK, make an exception. You prefer to move at your pace? Make sense, totally, but maybe this one time you want to speed things up.

To be clear, technically, Meek did respond to Drake's "Back to Back" in the form of "Wanna Know," a diss track that could best be described as "tepid," but after the record was universally panned by the internet he removed it from his SoundCloud. Five months later, long after the beef had died down, Meek popped back up to deliver "I'm Da Plug Freestyle." The EP standout was a much better performance than "Wanna Know," but unfortunately for Meek, it was too late—he already lost.

So, basically, if Meek's response to Tax's question is to be believed, we can chalk up Meek taking an L to... a laissez-faire attitude?

Oh, Meek.