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Montana of 300 Doesn't Like "Ooouuu" Beat, Kills it Anyway

Well, damn. Apparently you don’t have to love a beat to absolutely body it.

I’m a man, and I can admit when I’ve done something wrong, so I’ll say this right here and now: I’ve been sleeping on Montana of 300.

Though the young Chicago emcee has been grinding away for some time now, and his last project Fire in the Church was very well received, he’s somehow flown under my radar.

Until now.

As I understand it, Montana made a name for himself by slaying remixes before releasing his two projects, and after hearing this remix of Young M.A’s currently ubiquitous hit “Ooouuu,” I am now planning on listening to everything he’s ever done.

The greatest part of Montana's rendition comes at the beginning when he admits he doesn’t even like the beat to the song (a la Lil Wayne on his J. Cole-assisted Dedication 4 standout "Green Ranger"). For a remix made strictly to appease his fans, he goes in with the kind of ferocity that would normally indicate a rapper really felt the instrumental.

This remix is more of a testament to Montana’s comfortability and confidence than anything. Vibe is a real thing in hip-hop, and if an artist perceives their musical backdrop to be wack, more often than not they’re either going to refuse it in favor of another beat or give a lackluster performance. To show out on a track without the motivation of the instrumental is not an easy task. Hell, Montana even tacked on nearly an extra minute to the original record's runtime.

If the rest of Montana’s performances are like this, consider me a fan. But even if they're not, I hope Montana will forgive me for snoozing.