Young Thug's "Fully Jeffery" Comments Suggest a Musical Identity Crisis

Did Jeffery Lamar Williams come to realize that the shortest path to sustained success is being true to oneself?

Before the release of his last project, Young Thug announced that he was changing his stage name to his government name, Jeffery. Despite a change in moniker, however, sales for the release remained flat.

In an excerpt from an interview with V Magazine, the ATL rapper revealed his plans to release another full-length album before the end of the year—he must subscribe to Gucci Mane's release philosphy—which he says will be 100% of his new self.

“It’ll probably be fucking ten times harder than JEFFERY. Like this one was kind of Jeffery, but it was still kind of street. This one is gonna be just fully Jeffery.”

Hmmm. Did Jeffery Lamar Williams come to realize that the shortest path to sustained success is being true to oneself?

Ultimately, Williams could choose to change his stage name a thousand times and flip flop on his look and attire on a weekly basis, but if the music he releases doesn't match his brand and resonate with his fans it won't matter. Hype, buzz, and great marketing can help an artist gain traction in the 2016 music market, but over the long haul musicality and natural ability will always win out. You can only fool the consumer for so long.

Fellow new generation acts like Desiigner, Lil Uzi Vert, and Lil Yachty all decided to go the "Mumble Rap" route despite more traditional rap beginnings in their quest for the almighty dollar. Maybe, after several years of industry experience, Jeffery finally figured out that the key to an extended 15 minutes of fame and more money down the road is a career based on authenticity.

The artist formerly known as Young Thug might be "another branch of rap music," according to Lyor Cohen, but that means he has to figure out which tree he wants to be attached to. Right now, it doesn't sound like Jeffery knows.


By DJ Z, who loves to argue with you on Twitter.

Photo Credit: Inez & Vinoodh (for V Magazine)