I Can't Get "Used To This," Future & Drake's New Single is Mad Boring

“Used to This” is only one song, but the latest effort from the OVOFBG duo is quite forgettable.

With all due to respect to Run The Jewels and PRhyme, Future and Drake are the most successful supergroup this side of Watch The Throne. Since teaming up for “Tony Montana” in 2011, the OVOFBG duo has made hit records, toured the country together twice and dropped a Platinum album.

After recently wrapping up their blockbuster Summer Sixteen tour, Future and Drake have wasted no time in adding yet another collaboration to their collective catalog. Last night, Hendrix debuted a new single and video featuring Drizzy called “Used to This,” which serves as the first taste of his upcoming project, Beast Mode 16.

“Used to This” finds Future and Drake toasting to their newfound success over a vintage Zaytoven beat that sparkles and slaps in equal measure. The video, directed by Eif Riviera, takes place on a soccer field, where the pair half-shimmy, half-watch a team of female Mexican players in action.

And, well, that’s about it.

“Used to This” isn’t necessarily a terrible song, but it’s not one of Future and Drake’s best, either. For starters, Hendrix struggles to find his pocket over the production and his hook (“Mexicano, working like I'm Mexicano / New persona, we're moving off of Ferragamo”) fails to worm its way into your ear. Also, Big Sean already ruined the whole “working like a Mexican” thing.

In many ways, “Used to This” feels like a return to Honest for Future, but he isn’t the only one doing some backtracking. Drake kicks off his verse singing in a So Far Gone-esque falsetto seasoned with just enough Auto-Tune, which might be the highlight of the song. But it isn’t long before he snaps back into tough guy mode and starts rapping about putting bounties on heads.

For a guy who has a knack of making hashtags out of rhymes, Drake’s verse feels all too forgettable. Maybe it’s because we’ve come to expect a sneak diss in every song, or maybe it’s because non-stop touring is dimming his creative spark, but what’s the standout line here? “Tatted on me, but this shit is deeper than the surface”? Less than a minute later, the song’s over. That was a quick three minutes.

Of course, “Used to This” is only one song and we’re not saying it’s time for Future and Drake to break up the band like KD and Westbrook. What a Time to Be Alive had its less-than-life changing moments, too. But as the follow-up to “Grammys,” which is easily their most off-key collaboration, “Used to This” might be a sign there are a few cracks starting to emerge in the OVOFBG partnership.

Zaytoven says there could be a second Drake appearance on Future’s Beast Mode 16. But until then, this song will take some getting used to.



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