21 Savage & Future's "X" Gets a First-Class Remix from Stwo

This is as smooth and luxurious as Mulberry silk.

Picture 21 Savage, knife tattoo situated intimidatingly on his forehead, a devilish grin slightly exposing all-gold fronts, with a smirk that gives off the sense that he could stab you at any given moment. He’s the living embodiment of the low-key, haunting depravity that is Savage Mode, where his effortless menace shines over the minimal eeriness of Metro Boomin’s tailor-fitted production. Savage Mode’s lead single, “X,” plays out like the soundtrack to a paranoid 3 A.M. lurk.

Now picture 21 Savage in a mink coat, pinky extended as he sips from a rich dessert wine. He walks from the two-story fireplace over to the veranda, where he finds three women draped over Future, who's champagne flute glistens in the reflection of his Cartier lenses.

The original lyrics remain unchanged in Stwo’s remix of “X” (released today), yet the French production wizard reworks the record from creeping along in murderous fashion to a butter-smooth ode to the high life. Taking a look at the lyrics, one might even say this version is even better suited for the theme of expensive flexing.... (Not that I would personally say that. Please don’t tell 21.)

“Hold up…”

In Stwo’s savage world, model bitches still lick you like some candy and diamonds still have the flu. 21 and Future are still stunting on their respective exes, yet instead of doing so in the sonic territory of the dimly lit backstreets of Atlanta, this remix puts the ATLiens in cashmere robes with gold-plated double cups and monogrammed hand towels as they do it.

It’s the remix we need but never asked for. Thank you, Stwo.


By Brendan Varan. Follow him on Twitter.

Photo Credits: Instagram / Instagram / Instagram