Russ' "Psycho (Pt. 2)" Has Hit Single Written All Over It

In the midst of an incredible run of musical output, Russ just released one of his best records to date.

Russ is no stranger to DJBooth. Over the past 10 months, the recent Columbia Records signee has been featured on our pages a whopping 26 times.

That number includes newly-released song "Psycho (Pt. 2)," a self-produced effort that has "hit record" written all over it.

Unveiled earlier today (November 8) on his SoundCloud, the song has racked up nearly 50,000 streams in less than four hours. (Update: Four days later, this song is closing in on half a million plays.)

Similar to Russ' current single, "What They Want," which is sitting at No. 16 on the iTunes Rap Chart and has racked up 41 million streams on Spotify and 17 million views on YouTube, "Psycho (Pt. 2)" is a melodically-driven, wavy good time that finds the 24-year-old in a state of muted madness.

Russ can certainly spit—have you seen his DJBooth RapBox Freestyle?—but on "Psycho (Pt. 2)" his somber crooning fits like a glove, embroiling the listener in his current relationship troubles. When Russ sings, "She got me going psycho, she got me going down, down down," I genuinely feel horrible for him. Honestly, Russ, no girl is worth the trouble; there are plenty of fish in the sea.

What makes this record—and for that matter most of Russ' material—work so well is its short runtime. Clocking in at two minutes and 42 seconds, "Psycho (Pt. 2)" doesn't wear out it's welcome. Listening to an artist opine on the mental effects of love could easily make for a heavy, burdensome experience without the prospect of repeat plays, but instead, Russ delivered a short and sweet offering that is both cathartic and catchy. 

When he spoke with Yoh in September, Russ didn't promise overnight success, but it's clear 2017 is going to be his coming out party.


By DJ Z, who loves to argue with you on Twitter.

Photo Credit: Instagram