J. Cole Appears on Spillage Village's "Can't Call It," the Full Version of "Jermaine's Interlude"

We finally get to hear the full track that spawned the standout from DJ Khaled’s "Major Key" album.

This past summer, DJ Khaled dropped his highly anticipated Major Key album, and while it was teeming with heaters, there's no doubt that one of the major standouts was “Jermaine’s Interlude,” a three-minute treat from J. Cole, assisted by Atlanta natives and former DJBooth Top Prospects EarthGang.

As divulged to our own Yoh a few months back, the interlude was actually the product of a nine-minute posse cut from Atlanta collective Spillage Village, of which EarthGang is a member, along with J.I.D. (another Top Prospect), Hollywood JB and Jordxn Bryant.

In that piece, EarthGang recounted the story of having the track all but completed during a visit from J. Cole, but Cole felt the beat so deeply that he had to jump on, and the record was eventually shortened to the three-minute incarnation that we’re all familiar with from Major Key.

EarthGang also revealed that they originally wanted Dreamville emcee Bas on the song and that the full version of the track may someday surface. Today (November 8) is that day, the result is “Can’t Call It,” and the wait was well worth it.

While “Can’t Call It” clocks in at just over six minutes, a few minutes short of the nine we were teased with from EarthGang's interview, it’s a welcome expansion on “Jermaine’s Interlude.” Bas does indeed make a fantastic appearance, and the entire track is a showcase of everything that makes the Spillage Village collective a force to be reckoned with.

Listening to “Can’t Call It” and “Jermaine’s Interlude” back to back offers an amazing insight into the original vibe of the Hollywood JB-produced track, and the added three minutes do little to stifle the potency of the track—quite the contrary.

It’s a shame the full version wasn’t included on Major Key, but the fact that EarthGang got a placement on the Miami collaboration king’s seminal album in the first place was an unlikely treat for underground fans and a great look for Johnny Venus and Doctur Dot. 

After hearing “Can’t Call It,” it’s easy to see how J. Cole was so captivated by the vibe of the track that he felt compelled to drop a verse—this track is incredible. 


By Brent Bradley. Follow him on Twitter.

Photo Credit: EarthGang



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