Macklemore’s Open Letter to His Daughter is a Powerful Blueprint for Hope

In the face of the nation’s biggest political upset, Macklemore finds solace in the potential of his daughter.

Today (November 9), I woke up in Trump’s America. We all did. Whether you did or did not vote, whether you like him or don’t, this is where we are now.

With a country seemingly more divided than ever, and following one of the biggest political upsets of this nation’s history, many of us are still reeling from the surprise of this year’s presidential election.

Among us are mothers, fathers, artists, teachers, and scientists, all wondering how the next four years are going to play out. American citizens are justifiably anxious and reasonably uncertain. Macklemore is one of the millions of U.S. citizens feeling the sting of yesterday’s results.

Early this morning, Macklemore took to his Instagram to pen an inspiring open letter to his daughter, whom he fully expected to witness the election of our nation’s first female president last night.

In the letter, Macklemore laments over the outcome of the election, but only briefly. His focus quickly turns to his daughter and how she will be raised, asserting that while he cannot control the fact that Donald Trump was elected, he can control the fact that his daughter will be raised with tolerance and love.

Macklemore’s sentiments are not just his own, but those of parents across the country. Our nation’s future resides in the minds and hands of our children, and Macklemore’s vow to raise his own as a beacon of acceptance and compassion is a reminder to the rest of us that the next four years have nothing to do with how we decide to raise the next generation.

During a time of division and uncertainty, Macklemore is among the many voices reminding us that love and goodness cannot be upset on a grand scale.

So, regardless of your feelings about last night’s results: tell someone you love them today. Hug your family. Make new friends. Be compassionate. Those are things no one can oppose.


By Brent Bradley. Follow him on Twitter.

Photo Credit: Instagram



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