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Run The Jewels Ease Your Post-Trump Pain With the Defiant “2100”

"For everyone who is hurting or scared right now."

When villains rise and the Bat-Signal lights up Gotham’s skyline, Bruce Wayne suits up and saves the city. When real-life bad guys bully their way into power, El-P and Killer Mike are the hip-hop heroes we can count on.

To the studio!

As the nightmare of President-Elect Donald J. Trump became a terrifying reality yesterday, Run The Jewels answered the call by releasing a new song called “2100,” featuring singer BOOTS (who appeared on the equally political “Early”).

According to El-P, the track was written months ago “about something bigger,” but given the depressing result of the presidential election, it “seems to fit” for what’s going on right now.

for our friends. for our family. for everyone who is hurting or scared right now. here is a song we wrote months ago. we werent planning on releasing it yet but… well it feels right, now. its about fear and its about love and its about wanting more for all of us. its called 2100. we hope it finds you well.

jaime and mike

“2100" is Run The Jewels at their finest: Killer Mike and El-P trading verses over punishing production, taking a look behind the curtain and reporting back what they see. And right now, they don’t like what they see. “How long before the hate that we hold / Lead us to another Holocaust?” asks Mike as he opens the sermon.

From there, El-P takes over and guides us through this hellish world like Virgil in Dante’s Inferno, where hatred, violence, and oppression rules the land. “They don’t give a shit, not at all / They don’t even want to let you take a little piss in a pot / Listen along / They don’t want your love, shit is bugged / Motherfuckers steady getting rich from the blood,” he warns us.

“2100” isn’t necessarily a call to arms against the powers that be, though. The Run The Jewels revolution is about diffusing hate and spreading love on both sides. “I just wanna live, I don’t wanna ever have to load a clip / Only hunt bliss / I am still a kid in my heart,” El-P raps. However, don’t think they’ll just turn the other cheek; Killer Mike is still stockpiling ten Kalashnikovs “in case shit get poppin’ off.”

Being optimistic about a Trump presidency is difficult, to say the least. If anything can knock the hope out of your heart, it’s seeing almost 60 million people vote for a racist sexual predator who talks about building walls, banning Muslims and grabbing pussy to become the Leader of the so-called Free World. It's enough to make you want to lock yourself in a freezer until the year 2100.

Even if most of us don’t believe in a brighter future right now, Run The Jewels do, because that's what heroes do. As Killer Mike says, “You defeat the devil when you hold onto hope.”


By Andy James. Follow him on Twitter.

Photo Credit: SoundCloud