Donnie Trumpet Becomes Nico Segal After Trump Presidential Election

Woah, were people really drawing this connection?

Over the past few years, Donnie Trumpet has been one of the driving forces behind the musical evolution of Chance The Rapper and countless other Chicago artists.

On Friday (November 11), following Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 presidential election, the member of The Social Experiment announced his decision to ditch Donnie in favor of his given name, Nico Segal, citing its close ties with the President-Elect. In a lengthy post to his Instagram, Segal explained the name switch and the reason behind it.

Nico asserts that he’s proud of his multicultural heritage and would rather go by his government name than stick to a “silly play on words” that’s, “not funny anymore.”

Damn, Trump hasn’t even hit the Oval Office yet and he’s already ruining shit. While no one I’ve talked to has ever made the connection between Donnie and the Donald, I can completely understand not wanting to be roped into that all-but-guaranteed trash fire of a legacy.

I’m usually of the opinion that an artist should stick to their guns in a situation like this, both for the sake of the investment in their name and, in some cases, just out of spite. However, in this circumstance, it’s early enough in Nico’s career to feasibly pull off the name-switch without losing much traction. And, in his defense, there’s no way he could’ve foreseen the host of The Apprentice becoming POTUS.

Best of luck to Nico during this transition, and I’m confident that no matter what name he goes by, the music he’s responsible for will be fire.