Holy Sh*t Did Shia LaBeouf Just Crush His 5 Fingers of Death Freestyle?

2016 is just full of surprises.

This is officially the weirdest year I have experienced in my short time on this planet.

Today (November 11) I’m writing about Shia LaBeouf, on a hip-hop blog, on a positive note. The infamous actor has been known to freestyle in the past, but it was mostly in parks and he was quickly called out for jacking punchlines.

Shia dropped by the Shade 45 studio this week, though, and totally redeemed himself by attempting Sway’s legendary 5 Fingers of Death challenge.

Not only did he attempt it, he kind of killed it. Seriously, holy shit.

Assuming these are all original Shia LaBeouf bars, I’m impressed. It’s clear that Shia is a big fan of hip-hop, especially the golden era, and you can tell he wanted to come correct.

Shia’s five-minute freestyle is littered with legitimately fire punchlines, references to his hip-hop idols, and even shots fired at Lil Yachty ("Where'd the spitters go? / Garbage litter shit they wrote / Miss me with that Lil Boat, 'cause bigger individuals / Committed to these principles is livin' on they tippy toes") and Drake, while also hilariously referencing his own plagiarism incident ("It's dumb now, it's trash rappin' in October / Who wrote what for who? It's all so below par / Sub-standard, used to be a litmus / If you didn't write your own shit, you got dismissed / Been through that, now it's kiss kiss").


After successfully traversing the 5 Fingers of Death, Shia seems genuinely appreciative of the opportunity, telling Sway it was one of the best moments of his life. There’s a lot of culture-vulturing in Hollywood these days, but this is one of those moments where a fan of the culture got to realize a lifelong dream, and actually crushed it.

Last thing... DJ Wonder’s face, though.


By Brent Bradley. Follow him on Twitter.

Photo Credit: YouTube