TDE Founder Top Dawg Throws Ab-Soul Under The Bus For Album Delay, He Needs to Stop

Instead of publicly shaming his artists for delaying an album, Top needs to handle his business in house.

Three months ago, TDE head honcho Anthony "Top Dawg" Tiffith revealed that Ab-Soul had turned in the final mixes for his forthcoming album, DWTW. While this news was certainly exciting, knowing how TDE typically spaces out their artist's releases over a period of several months or longer, we cautioned our readers not to jump for joy.

Well, apparently, those were not the final mixes, because the final mixes don't exist... yet.

Top jumped on Twitter last evening to lay blame for the album's delay at the feet of Ab-Soul and TDE's resident engineer MixedByAli, who he says need to get "da mixes right." 

To be clear, Top should absolutely expect perfection from his artists when it comes to them turning in the final mixed and mastered version of their album. That said, what the fuck is he doing?

The reason Ab-Soul fans are angry is because Top told the world on Instagram 12 weeks ago that the final mixes were done—as we know now, they are not done. He says he's "done takin the blame," but really what that means is that he's sick and tired of angry TDE fans tweeting at him. Instead of throwing your artist and engineer under the bus, however, a more professional and responsible approach would be to simply get off of social media and handle your business privately, behind closed doors.

If Top wants to "put his foot down" and demand that the mixes be finished by a certain date, that is fine and dandy and all good, but the rest of the world doesn't need to be privy to that conversation. 

What is really troubling is that Tiffith acts like it isn't his job as the label head to handle matters of public relations and community outreach. A good business owner is responsible for protecting his or her assets, in this case, Ab-Soul and his fellow artists, which, in turn, should allow for them to do their job at the highest level possible.

Since first announcing Ab-Soul's project was done in August, Isaiah Rashad released The Sun's Tirade, Lance Skiiwalker released his debut Introverted Intuition, and SZA threatened to quit. As for Ab-Soul, the Carson native has delivered two well-received singles: "Huey Knew" with Da$h and "Braille" with Dreamville emcee Bas.

Maybe TDE should have waited until after the album was finally complete before starting to roll out singles? Hell, any plan would be better than teasing an album release and then publicly shaming your artist when that tease doesn't materialize into a finished product with a date attached.

Eventually, Ab-Soul fans will receive the long-overdue DWTW. In the meantime—for the sake of his artists—Top Dawg should probably get the heck off social media.


By DJ Z, who loves to argue with you on Twitter.

Photo Credit: Instagram