Vince Staples Talks Video Games & Logic's "Mad Aggressive" Playing Style

When it comes to hip-hop gamers, Logic is apparently on another level.

If you’ve already had the chance to play the newly released Watch Dogs 2 video game, you’ve probably noticed an appearance on the soundtrack from Vince Staples on the GTA-produced track “Little Bit of This.”

The game, set in San Francisco, features a bevy of West Coast artists, including E-40, Mac Dre and of course Staples, who is an outspoken fan of the franchise. In a recent interview, while discussing his own gaming habits, Staples also revealed that his friend and fellow emcee Logic is on an entirely different level of gaming.

Logic the nicest person ever right? Love him, love his wife...but when that controller come in his hand, he just change.

Logic has never kept his gaming hobby a secret—the Maryland emcee has his own gaming channel on YouTube—but hearing Vince describe his habits in detail, like seeing Logic casually destroying opponents on the massively popular PC game Counterstrike before a show while barely even making eye contact with the screen, portray something much more than a casual time-killer. This guy is serious. 

Later in the interview, Vince reveals that he’s been known to take things a step further with online gaming himself, making use of his unique work schedule to track down shit-talking gamers day after day in ruthless acts of revenge.

They be talkin’ to me crazy so I have to let em know. They be coming with the slurs, I'm like, “Bro I’m not gonna come with all that, but I got more money than you right? So, what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna be on here every day, and I’m gonna find you. ‘Cause I don't gotta go to work. Cause I don't got a real job. So wherever you at, I'm gonna find you bro, and I’m gonna bust your ass.

Both Logic and Staples are players you don’t want to encounter if you’re not bringing your A-game, and who knows that the two emcees could accomplish in the gaming world if they pooled their influence. Staples has already expressed interest in creating his own video game, and Logic’s gaming videos on YouTube are garnering hundreds of thousands of views.

As both artists’ profiles continue to rise, it will be interesting to see how they parlay their buzz into potential gaming ventures. In the meantime, just don’t talk shit to Vince Staples on Watch Dogs 2 online.



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