Nick Cannon Says He Wrote for Kanye West, Needs More People

Don't worry, this isn't another ghostwriting scandal, but it is a powerful insight into Kanye's extremely collaborative creative process.

Right off the bat, let's take a deep breath, relax, drink some chamomile tea, maybe do some yoga.

I know we all have PTDGDSD (Post Traumatic Drake Ghostwriting Debate Stress Disorder), so don't worry, this isn't that; although when Nick Cannon says he wrote for (with?) Kanye West during a wide-ranging Breakfast Club interview it's certainly worth mentioning. 

"I ain't never wrote no smashes, but I've been in the Kanye camps early on. I was there doing 'Gold Digger.' I wrote the ['Brand New'] bar for Kanye, 'We don’t need to stunt / I make black history every day, I don't need a month.' That was me. Kanye's bar. Stuff like that." 

Let's walk through that quote. 

First, Nick Cannon doesn't have a writer's credit on "Gold Digger," which means that either he didn't get the credit he deserved or that he was "there" for the writing and recording of "Gold Digger" in the literal, temporal sense of the word. He was physically in the studio at some point and that's about it. 

Thankfully, though, he does get more specific in saying that he wrote a line in Kanye's verse for Rhymefest's 2006 track "Brand New," although as Complex pointed out, Kanye actually used that line in a Def Poetry reading a year before, so.... * very suspicious face

Regardless, the larger point—a point which Cannon goes on to make himself—is that Kanye is notoriously and historically collaborative. In hip-hop or any other genre, it's hard to think of a major artist who so openly welcomes any and all input.

From his legendary Hawaii recording sessions for MBDTF to the astounding 31 people who have a writing credit on "All Day," if anyone would be humble enough to invite Nick Cannon into a recording session and then use one of his lines (if he did indeed come up with something great), it's Kanye. For a man of many contradictions, that might be his most fundamental.

Enormous ego. Extreme willingness to collaborate. That's not the old Kanye or the new Kanye, that's just Kanye. 


By Nathan S, occasional keyboard hitter and beard maintainer. This is his Twitter.

Photo Credits: Huffington Post/Playbuzz



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