Watch Token & Emoney Spazz Out During TeamBackPack's Bar Fight Rap Battle

There are rap battles and then there are rap battles. TBP's Bar Fight series is the latter.

During their annual Mission Underground festival and conference in New York this past summer, our friends at TeamBackPack filmed several episodes of Bar Fight, their dynamic rap battle series.

Today (November 21), the latest entry in the highly-entertaining series was released, featuring Sonoma spitter Emoney and Salem rapper Token, and, well, damn!

Over instrumentals by producers Jimmy Dukes and AC3 Beats, both emcees completely spazz out, speeding up and slowing down their respective flows with ease.

While both acts were impressive, we'll tip our cap to Token and give him the W. Ultimately, though, when two emcees deliver high-octane bars for nine straight minutes, it's hard to declare either a loser.

For more rounds, more bars, and more beats, we recommend watching previously-released Bar Fight episodes.


By DJ Z, who loves to argue with you on Twitter.

Photo Credit: TeamBackPack