21 Savage’s “X” Certified Platinum, 21 Savage is Way More Popular Than You Thought

21 Savage has had a stellar year, and seems poised to become a legitimate star.

Apparently if young Metro does trust you, you sell a million records (or at least, the modern-day equivalent of "selling" a million records).

After releasing two solid-yet-underground mixtapes in 2015, 21 Savage exploded onto the scene this year with an inclusion in XXL’s Freshman Class and a widely praised collaborative project with Metro Boomin, Savage Mode.

The project isn't only garnering critical acclaim, though, it's making serious waves in the commercial mainstream. Today (November 22), Billboardannounced that the Future-assisted Savage Mode single “X” has been certified Platinum by the RIAA, having moved one million equivalent units in the four months since its release (in addition to inspiring at least one incredible remix).

21's skyrocketing success isn't just limited to "X" either. He's scored four placements on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart in November alone—including Drake's "Sneakin'" and Meek Mill's "Offended," along another Savage Mode single in "No Heart"—and just landed the cover of this month’s The FADER magazine, one month removed from Savage Mode's Gold certification by the RIAA. After a few months of boiling in the underground, 21 Savage seems poised to become a legitimate star.



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What makes 21's recent success all the more impressive is the fact that Savage Mode was released independently through 21’s Slaughter Gang label, though to be fair, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to eventually learn that 21 has been rocking a secretive mindie status (shouts out the homie Nathan). His connection with Metro Boomin, one of the most successful and exciting producers in recent memory, hasn't exactly hurt his cause either. 

Personally, I was aware that 21 had quite a following, but until very recently I had no idea just how deep his fan base was rolling. It took me attending Young Thug’s HIHORSE’D Tour stop in Kansas City to fully realize, and I was absolutely blown away at the crowd’s reaction to 21. He performed “X” twice that night, and both times people went ape shit.

With just over a month left in 2016, I can’t wait to see what 21 Savage has in store for next year, especially if rumors of Savage Mode 2 are true.


By Brent Bradley. Follow him on Twitter.

Photo Credit: Instagram



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