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Lil Yachty Now Listens to Biggie & is Maturing Before Our Ears

"I feel like I owe an apology to everyone for the simple fact that I didn’t think before I spoke on that topic."
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Internet, you can put your torches and pitchforks away, because Lil Yachty has finally listened to Biggie’s music.

In a new interview with Beats 1’s Ebro Darden, the rapper you love to hate apologized for calling the late, great Christopher Wallace “overrated,” and announced he has finally got around to checking out his catalog (after tellingBillboard he “honestly couldn’t name five songs” from Biggie—or Tupac—back in August).

“Before I said that, I feel like I was in the blind. I feel like I owe an apology to everyone for the simple fact that I didn’t think before I spoke on that topic,” Yachty said. “I know now how touchy the Biggie situation it is, how important and how serious it is to certain people. I didn’t want people thinking that I was disrespecting him.”

He added, “until about two weeks ago, I had never listened to a Biggie song. I’ve listened to all his songs now. Update: I listened to the whole Ready to Die album. I’m not gon’ sit here and lie and say that I bump him, but I know for a fact he was spitting.”

Sure, Yachty’s attitude towards the hip-hop canon may have rubbed people the wrong way, but it’s easy to forget he’s just a 19-year-old kid who’s still finding his feet as both an artist and an adult. “This year has been so fast for me. I’m just trying to find some time to really become a hip-hop artist,” he told Ebro. “I didn’t have any time to listen to Biggie, 'cause I didn’t come up to it.”

The whole interview reveals a maturity to the young rapper that’s been buried in all the headlines surrounding his music and quotes. Yachty said he wanted to sit down with Ebro to “slowly work on bridging this gap,” and expressed a desire to change the public perception of him, particularly amongst older heads.

“I’d sit down with Lord Jamar, someone like him who says a n*gga like me is destroying hip-hop,” he said. “I want to know what makes you think that because last time I checked, out of all the new school rappers, I’m the one pushing positivity, pushing no drugs, pushing no alcohol, taking my money and doing turkey drives. I’m the one going to schools, going to group homes, talking to the young men. I’m out here trying to promote positivity on a global scale.”

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As for the other drama he’s been caught up in this year, like his salmonella-inducing beef with Soulja Boy, Lil Yachty puts it down to the natural learning curve of being thrust into the spotlight straight out of high school.

“I’m so new to this rap game, so I had no guidance as to what not to do in a beef, what not to say to certain rappers, rappers ain’t your friends — I didn’t know none of this stuff,” he admitted. “As I live and I go through this rap game, I realize it’s so fraud. These rappers aren’t your friend, and you can’t treat them as such because it could turn any second. The whole rap game is just a facade.”

Maybe Lil Yachty isn’t as dumb as Lord Jamar thinks.

If you’re still not won over by Lil Boat, at the end of the interview he requested to freestyle over Craig Mack’s “Flava In Ya Ear” beat, much to Ebro’s delight. Yachty showcased a surprisingly impressive flow (early on, at least) and even saved a few bars for Shia LaBeouf and Funk Flex. “Funkmaster Flex, please stop talking about me / Unless you finna play my songs then don’t talk about me / Old man, here’s a bar: I hope you fall into a hole where there’s no sun and stars.”

Okay, maybe his pen game still needs a little work, but at least he’s trying.


By Andy James. Follow him on Twitter.

Photo Credit: YouTube



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