Bill Murray Attended a Lupe Fiasco Show & Made Him Do a Double Encore, Because Of Course He Did

Just another example of Bill Murray Doing Bill Murray Things.

Ah yes, Bill Murray. We’ve all heard the stories: he crashed some guy's bachelor party; he drove a golf cart back to his hotel in Stockholm; he randomly decided to start bartending at SXSW and served everyone shots of Tequila, no matter what they ordered.

At this point, it’s hard to distinguish between what’s urban legend and what’s actually part of his nomadic mystique. But like Big Foot being caught on camera, we’ve got cold, hard evidence of the latest case of Bill Murray Doing Bill Murray Things.

Last night, Bill attended Lupe Fiasco’s concert at The Belmont in Austin, Texas, for no discernible reason other than the fact he’s Bill Murray. The 66-year-old actor’s presence didn’t go unnoticed as he was soon sniffed out by numerous people in the crowd.

Who knows if he’s even heard Food & Liquor (I wouldn’t rule it out, I wouldn't rule anything out), but Bill clearly enjoyed the show as he got Lupe to do not one, but two encores. “Y’all go home and take Bill Murray with you, so I can go home,” the Chicago rapper joked with the audience.

After the show, Bill hung out with Lupe Fiasco backstage (because, well, did I mention he’s Bill Murray?) and gave the rapper some “amazing words of encouragement” which, if we know anything about impromptu Bill Murray speeches, were probably life-changing.

This isn’t the first time Bill Murray has kicked it with one of our favorite rappers: last year he was spotted in the studio with Rick Ross. The two even made a song together — until Rozay vanished into thin air, which sounds more like something Bill would do. Murray, rocking a cowboy hat and dress, told Jimmy Kimmel all about it.

Never change, Bill.


By Andy James. Follow him on Twitter.

Photo Credit: Instagram



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