Shia LaBeouf Claps Back at Lil Yachty & Peter Rosenberg In Strangely Amusing New Freestyle

“Yachty dope? Know no Notorious / Story is, he’s sort of shit"

At this point, I’m not sure whether Shia LaBeouf is still in on the joke or he’s actually, seriously indulging his rap dreams. But I don’t really care because this is entertaining as hell.

After eviscerating his Five Fingers of Death Freestyle a few weeks ago, Sway’s “Number One Emcee In Hollywood” is back with more bars—and more shots. In a new freestyle he sent to Charlamagne Tha God, Shia throws not-so-subliminal shade at Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg and Lil Yachty (again).

Rapping over Jaylib’s “The Heist” beat (straight off YouTube, no less), Shia clowns Rosenberg for being old, irrelevant and faker than Drake’s Jamaican accent (lol). “I liked you when you still cared about hip-hop, my guy / Not Hip-Hop Squares / And you be with these squares, all laissez-faire / Pedophile style like you run hip-hop’s daycare,” he raps, which is somehow both amazing and awful.

If you’re wondering why Shia LaBeouf is dissing Peter Rosenberg (like 2016 wasn’t strange enough), the Hot 97 DJ dissed Shia in his own freestyle last month. Something about how there can only be one white rapper who isn’t actually a rapper.

After a few lines about how “this is not no wrestling, this here is for the real,” Shia then turns his attention to Lil Yachty, who he doesn’t like very much (“Garbage litter shit they wrote / Miss me with that Lil Boat,” he rapped in his Sway freestyle). Shia must have caught wind of that “Even Stevens” line in Yachty's Beats 1 freestyle because he dedicates almost two minutes to dissing Lil Boat.

“Yachty dope? Know no Notorious / Story is, he’s sort of shit / I’m here to sort the shit / Like playing tug of war with kids,” he spits before comparing Yachty to Vin Diesel and Kwame Brown. Again, both amazing and awful. That sums up the entire freestyle—not nearly as entertaining as his Five Fingers of Death Freestyle, but still strangely amusing to see Sam Witwicky rapping over a Dilla beat.

Sidebar: At the beginning of the video, Shia says he and Charlamagne “met each other in the street one time.” That story, which Charlamagne shared on his Brilliant Idiots podcast, is amazing.


By Andy James. Follow him on Twitter.

Photo Credit: Instagram/Julia Mayorova/Instagram



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