'Chance The Dropout' is a Beautiful Blend of Chance The Rapper & Kanye's Hip-Hop Soul

Chance gets mashed up with his musical idol on this oh-so soulful blend tape.

Chance The Rapper loves Kanye West as much as Kanye loves Kanye. The young Chicago rapper credits Ye as his single biggest inspiration and saw his God dream come true this year when they collaborated on two of the most soulful, gospel-soaked songs of 2016. The two are even planning on making a full project together, but until then, here’s the next best thing.

DJ Critical Hype and DJ Clyde have teamed up to release Chance The Dropout, an entire mixtape featuring Chance The Rapper vocals over Kanye West beats. The 23-song project runs the gamut of Chance and Kanye’s respective catalogs, creating amazing blends like 10 Day’s “Juke Juke” over The College Dropout’s “We Don’t Care” and Acid Rap’s “Everbody’s Something” over The Life of Pablo’s “Wolves.”

Chance The Dropout also incorporates many of Chance and Kanye’s outside collaborations, making for surprising—and equally satisfying—moments like when Common spits street tales over Jay Z’s “Lucifer” and Childish Gambino yells, “I don’t think they like me!” over “New Slaves.” Ever wondered what Young Thug would sound like over some College Dropout soul? Of course you have. It's as weird as it is wonderful.

Chance The Dropout has its missteps, obviously (putting "Ultralight Beam" over Dilated Peoples' "This Way" is almost sacrilege), but it shines brightest when it builds on the common thread that ties Chance and Kanye together: soul. Hearing Chano's hopeful daddy raps from "Angels" over Kanye's euphoric "Celebration" beat is an ultralight beam in itself.

At times, Chance The Dropout feels like a peek into what Chance's Freshmen Adjustment might have sounded like. Other times, it makes you wish Kanye would chop up the soul again for Chance's next project. Whether that's Good Ass Job remains to be seen, but one thing's for sure: DJ Critical Hype and DJ Clyde have done a good ass job here.

“I love Chance as an artist and Kanye is one of the best producers of all time,” Critical Hype tellsPigeons & Planes.“They are both from Chicago and Chance is always talking about how big of an influence Kanye was and is. It seemed like a match made in heaven and a great way to bridge the gap of a new and older Chicago artist.” He adds, “When I started to play around with the idea it sounded even better than I had thought.”

Stream and download the project now on Spinrilla.


By Andy James. Follow him on Twitter.

Art CreditIan Klarer



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