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Remy Ma on GRAMMY Nods: "We Didn’t Pay Anyone to Get a Nomination"

A lot of accolades are bought and paid for in the music business, but "All The Way Up" won without selling out.

Thanks in large part to the success of her hit single "All The Way Up" with Fat Joe and Infared, which peaked at No. 27 on the Billboard Hot 100 and earned a Platinum certification in August, Remy Ma has had an amazing 2016.

With less than a month left before the start of 2017, however, Remy's 2016 campaign just got even better. On Tuesday (December 6), Remy and her collaborators earned GRAMMY nominations for "All The Way Up" in two categories—'Best Rap Performance' and 'Best Rap Song.'

In a new interview with CR Fashion Book, the Bronx native was asked about this year's nominations (her first in 11 years) and whether or not the GRAMMY committee is making progress with their selections.

Knowing that Fat Joe and I are super independent and pay for everything out-of-pocket ourselves, I’m aware that we didn’t pay anyone to get a nomination. This shows us that somebody, somewhere is paying attention to the music out there and wants to honor that. It’s an exciting and humbling time.

Every year, the GRAMMYs receive over 20,000 song and album submissions. Unlike some award shows, only voting members of the Recording Academy are able to sift through the submissions and vote for their selections—not members of the media and certainly not the public.

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As a result of a travesty or two over the years, many fans believe—and with good reason—that, much like radio spins or streaming service playlist inclusions, nominations are bought and paid for by major record labels. Given that "All The Way Up" was self-funded and released by Remy and Joe without any help from the major label system, and the only outside participant in the release was independent distribution company EMPIRE, Remy's explicit statement should help to quell the fears of hip-hop heads who think everything in the music industry is fake.

It's true that artists are signing to major labels in secret and acting like they're still independent, and without a major label co-sign or a substantial budget for radio, your song is never being played, but beyond all of the bullshit there are still some great stories in music that aren't tainted by deep pockets and politics. Chance The Rapper earning seven GRAMMY nominations is another example. 

"Enough with the bullshit of favoritism, give it to the person deserving of it," said Remy during the interview.

I couldn't agree more.


By DJ Z, who loves to argue with you on Twitter.

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