Chance The Rapper on Joint Mixtape With Childish Gambino: "It Will Come Out"

So, basically, don't hold your breath.

Here we go again.

Seven months ago, during a press run for his GRAMMY-nominated mix-album Coloring Book, Chance conducted a Reddit AMA during which he confirmed the existence of a collaborative endeavor with Childish Gambino.

In an interview that aired Monday (December 12) with Zane Lowe on Beats 1, Chance The Rapper once again confirmed that he and Gambino do indeed have a project in the pipeline, but this time he provided a status update.

“The tape is not done or close to being done, but it will come out.”

So, basically, don't hold your breath.

Chance has an excellent track record of making good on music-related promises, but it's unlikely fans will have a joint tape in their digital possession anytime soon. Gambino, fresh off his newly-released"Awaken, My Love!" album, has several film roles lined up for 2017, in addition to supporting the new album and producing and filming the second season of his hit TV show Atlanta, while Chance is still touring in support of Coloring Book and has previously stated he plans to start recording his official "debut album."

For now, it's best we add a Chance/Gambino tape to our ever-expanding list of promised collaborative projects, alongside Drake and Kanye, Drake and Gucci, Chance and Kanye and Chance and Gucci. Just kidding, there's no Chance and Gucci project lined up. I couldn't resist.


By DJ Z, who loves arguing with you on Twitter.

Photo Credits: Instagram/Instagram