Drop Everything, Madvillain Finally Released The Full Version of "Avalanche"

Finally, we get the full, official release of a snippet we first heard years ago.
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Of all the many incarnations through which DOOM has delivered his legendary, unique style of hip-hop over the years, his collaborations with Madlib as Madvillain have easily been some of his most potent work.

Their debut album Madvillainy is widely regarded as an underground classic, and while their 2008 follow-up, a remixed version of the original album, wasn’t quite enough to please fans that had been waiting for years, hopes are still high for a second official Madvillain album.

Those hopes were given cautious new life today in the form of the full, official release of “Avalanche,” a song we were first teased with back in 2011.

As with most of DOOM's output, the wait was totally worth it. His lyrical shenanigans are just as charming and mind-bending as ever, and the surprising freshness of the beat is a testament to Madlib’s timeless skill set.

The single comes as a promotion for the release of “Avalanche” as a 45 vinyl, alongside a new eight-inch-tall Madvillain action figure, which is, hopefully, a hint that an upcoming full-length release isn't far behind.

I’ve learned over the years to temper my hopes for any new Madvillain material, but I’d be lying if I said that fire hasn’t been somewhat reignited with the fantastic quality of this latest single drop.

All hail Madvillain.


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Photo Credit: RappCats