Holy Sh*t You Need to Hear Oddisee's Bouncy New "Things" Single

If there's more where this came from on 'The Iceberg,' consider us hyped.

I cannot begin to explain the excitement I experience whenever I get wind of a new Oddisee record.

Over the past few years, the Mello Music Group emcee/producer has solidified his status as one my favorite hip-hop artists of all time with releases like The Tangible Dream, The Good Fight and his most recent EP, Alwasta.

Oddisee’s altruistic insights and sharp wit are just a fraction of the man’s talents, but over the last few projects, those traits have shone brightly over his own soulful production.

Today (December 15), Oddisee announced his next LP, The Iceberg, along with a new single titled “Things.”

Holy shit, you'll want to hit play on this bad boy.

The uptempo track finds Oddisee pondering his own tribulations in life and understanding that success will only bring more of those with the kind of cosmic awareness that reminds us all that we’re not alone in our own problems.

Oddisee’s own thoughts on the track, via his Bandcamp:

We all go through the trials & tribulations of life. Why is it we feel the need to individualize our shared experiences? If only we could see our concerns as others do, maybe they wouldn't be so serious.

I have to admit, I was a little surprised by the bouncier production, especially given the subject matter of the song, but as he’s done countless times before, Oddisee bends notes and lyrics to his masterful will on “Things.”

Considering Alwasta still hasn’t left my weekly rotation since its release, The Iceberg, due out February 24, will soon ensure Oddisee’s occupation of many a pair of ears for the foreseeable future.


By Brent Bradley. Follow him on Twitter.

Photo Credit: Mello Music Group