Chris Brown Says He Believed His Career Was "Over"

In an interview with Power 106 to promote his new album, Brown reflects on what he thought was the end of his career.

On Tuesday, Chris Brown made an appearance on The Cruz Show, a weekday morning show on Los Angeles hip-hop station Power 106. Brown was in the building to talk up his brand new album Royalty, which is due out this Friday, December 18, but the interview covered a wide range of topics, including what it means to be a father and the difference between drivers in his native Virginia versus those in California. 

Roughly six minutes into the interview Brown is asked about what he has left to accomplish in a career that has spanned seven albums over a 10 year period. Instead of offering a canned, formulaic response, chock-full of cliches and a desire to expand into other areas of entertainment, Brown surprised Cruz and his co-hosts Krystal Bee and Jeff G.

"I kinda exceeded my expectations. You know, when the bull went down back in the day, I kinda just thought it was done. I thought it was over with."

Shocked by Brown's supremely honest assessment of his career after the fallout from his '09 assault of then-girlfriend Rihanna, Cruz asks Brown to confirm his feelings.

"You thought you were over with?" he asks. To which Brown replied, "Yeah."

Criticism and judgments have been leveled on Brown's shoulders for the past six years, rightly so, after he committed an unspeakable series of actions in an ugly, well-documented domestic dispute. Amazingly, Brown has seen plenty of success in music during this time, despite dealing with repeated court appearances, probation hearing and rehab stints. However, his demeanor throughout these ups and downs, confident bordering on righteous, has always bothered me.

Maybe age has brought Brown wisdom, maybe becoming a father has helped to give him much-needed perspective and a greater sense of responsibility, but his candid admission during the interview about his career prospects being in jeopardy was refreshingly real.

Brown is far from royalty, musically or otherwise, but his new album might just be the start of a much-needed new chapter in his career.

[by DJ Z, who doesn't understand why radio hosts feel the need to curse so much. Image via Power 106.]