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Young Thug Attempts to Crowd Surf, Gets Swallowed Whole

What happens when a crowd surf attempt turns into a scene from 'The Walking Dead.'
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In one of his #TourLife vlogs from earlier this year, Young Thug performs at a small but packed-out show in Aarhus, Denmark. Thugga must have crowd surfed at least half a dozen times in the span of five minutes, to the point where his vest (which was probably quite expensive) was stretched beyond repair and his bodyguard (who was probably a defensive tackle in high school) was getting visibly annoyed.

By all accounts, it was a successful night of crowd surfing. But Thug’s latest attempt might make him think twice about launching himself into the audience in the future.

Last night, during his and 21 Savage’s HIHORSE’D tour stop at New York’s Terminal 5, Young Thug practically got swallowed whole by a hungry sea of fans.

After diving into the crowd, Thug found his spindly frame submerged (upside down, no less) under human sweat and animalistic thirst for a good few seconds. Seriously, it looked like a fucking zombie apocalypse.

Slime of the Dead, in theaters 2017.

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Apparently, it took security "several minutes" to rescue Thug, and when they did, he cooly walked off stage and called it a night. Proving that: A) Young Thug is popular enough where people will go absolutely apeshit just to touch him, and B) just because he wears dresses, it doesn't mean he's a punk.

This isn’t the first time a crowd surf attempt has backfired at a Young Thug show. Back in November, Thugga encouraged a fan to jump off the stage and into the crowd (which he did, spectacularly), only his fellow Thug fans weren’t so keen to keep their end of the bargain.

A$AP Ferg was right: maybe it’s time to stop crowd surfing at rap shows.


By Andy James. You can follow him on Twitter.

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