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A Brief History of Travis Scott Getting Angry at People During His Concerts

From fighting fans to screaming at security, there's never a dull moment at a La Flame show.
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Hate him or love him, there’s never a dull moment with Travis Scott.

Since winning over T.I. and Kanye West and dropping Owl Pharaoh three years ago, La Flame has established himself as one of the best performers around. Bringing a whole new level of energy to his idol Kid Cudi’s rager philosophy, Travis’ live shows guarantee mosh pits, stage dives and maybe a few broken bones.

Being dedicated to the turn up has its downsides, though. Over the last few years, Travis has also run into (and inspired) quite a bit of trouble while performing—often with security who want to take him out of his zone or so-called fans who want to take his shit.

Here’s a brief history of Travis Scott getting angry at people during his concerts.

Fighting With a Fan (March 2015)

Travis Scott and Young Thug’s Rodeo Tour was one of the hottest tickets around last year, and things definitely got heated during the pair’s stop in Tucson, AZ. After wrapping up the show and walking the venue floor, Travis (in the red pants) somehow got drawn into a spot of good old-fashioned fisticuffs with a fan. The unknown culprit sent Travis scrambling with a few blows but eventually got suplexed by security and stomped out by the crowd. Ouch.

Kicking a “Nerdy Ass” Cameraman Off Stage (June 2015)

Perhaps the most infamous example of Travis Scott Getting Angry at People During His Concerts, La Flame kicked a Hot 97 videographer off the Summer Jam Festival Stage last summer. He didn’t keep on the kiddy gloves, either: Travis told the guy to get his “fucking nerdy ass off stage” for killing his vibe. In front of thousands of people. Scott was criticized for being a bully, but thankfully, the cameraman laughs about it now.

Throwing His Mic at a Fan Who Tried to Steal His Yeezys (July 2015)

We’ve heard people doing all types of crazy things to get their hands on Kanye West’s Yeezy shoes, but trying to steal Travis Scott’s pair is by far the ballsiest. That’s what one fan tried (and failed) to do during La Flame’s set at Switzerland’s Open Air Festival last summer. He not only came up empty-handed, but was booed and threatened by Scott, who later threw his mic at him as he was escorted away. And you thought Donald Trump was mean at his rallies.

Inciting a Riot at Lollapalooza (August 2015)

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There’s a fine line between shutting a show down and literally shutting a show down, and Travis crossed that line within five minutes at Lollapalooza last year. After just one song, La Flame fired up the crowd by telling them to jump the barricades and climb on stage (“we want rage!” he chanted). Despite his best efforts to clear the stage and calm things down (talk about a cocktease), Lollapolooza pulled the plug on his performance. One 15-year-old girl was reportedly trampled during the stampede. Travis was later charged with and pled guilty to reckless conduct, earning himself a year of court supervision.

Poking Security For Manhandling a Fan (August 2015)

That Lollapalooza arrest didn’t clearly mellow Travis out. During a performance at the SLS hotel and casino in Las Vegas later that month, the G.O.O.D. Music rapper barked on the venue’s security for preventing a fan from jumping on stage. It takes a brave man to poke a bear-sized security guard like that.

Threatening to Suplex Security For Manhandling a Fan (August 2015)

Travis Scott really doesn’t like security messing with his fans. During his appearance at Fool’s Gold Day Off in Los Angeles just a few days later, La Flame went off on the venue’s security for manhandling a rage-ready fan, threatening to “knock that n*gga the fuck out” and “WWE suplex on all y’all.” Travis sent his own security to retrieve the fan and bring him on stage, so it all worked out in the end.

Goes In On Security For Pushing a Fan (October 2015)

At this point, Travis Scott yelling at security might as well be on the setlist. While performing at a pop-up show in Atlanta last October, La Flame got into it with another security guard for pushing a fan. Thankfully, cooler heads prevailed as Travis acted as peacemaker between the pair. “You have your fun, respect him and respect this,” he told the fan. “You tell that motherfucker we gon’ rage.”

Kicking a Cameraman Off Stage...Again (September 2016)

That Summer Jam employee wasn’t the only cameraman to get publicly humiliated by Travis Scott. At this year’s Made In America Festival in Philly, La Flame squared up to a cameraman who was lurking in the corner of his stage and politely asked him to leave. “You see these fans?” he said. “These are the only fucking cameras we need, baby!”

Abusing Security In Auto-Tune For Taking His Mic From a Fan (December 2016)

The final (and funniest) video on this list finds Travis putting another security guard in his place. During his set at Day For Night festival in Houston earlier this week, La Flame went full Travis Scott on security after snatching his mic out of fan’s hand. By full Travis Scott, I mean calling the dude a “fucking big ear lobe ear wig wearing fat motherfucker” (huh?) while using Auto-Tune, which only made his burning insults sound like a fire interlude. The comedic timing of OG Chase B playing Blac Youngsta’s “ay Travis Scott, ay ay ay Trav” drop was too perfect.


By Andy James. You can follow him on Twitter.

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