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The Game Threatens Retirement After Upcoming Final Album, ‘Westside Story'

Will the West Coast veteran's next album really be his last? Probably not.

Last week, in an interview with Muscle & Fitness magazine, 50 Cent expressed a desire to retire from rap music following the release of his supremely-delayed Street King Immortal album. "I don’t want to write another record after that," he said. "You know how some artists got to have confirmation that they’re right. I have that confirmation in fucking 35, 40 million [albums] that I already sold."

This week, apparently, it's The Game's turn to threaten retirement. While performing at the Bud Arena in Moscow on the international leg of his 1992 Block Wars Tour, The Game announced that once he returns to Los Angeles, he'll begin work on what will likely be his final album.

"When I get back to LA, man, I'm going straight to jail because I fucking had a fight with a police officer and shit," Game told the crowd. "So I'ma sit down for a minute and write my next album, which is probably going to be my last album. It's called 'Westside Story.' It's going to be some ill shit."

Unlike say, Lupe Fiasco, who retires and unretires from hip-hop on Twitter every other week, The Game has never publicly discussed walking away from making rap music. In fact, over the past four years, since walking away from his major label recording contract with Interscope, the veteran emcee has increased his musical output, releasing three full-length studio albums and two soundtracks.

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While it's hard to believe any rapper who says that retirement is in their future plans—you don't ever truly hang up the microphone, you just don't pick it up for a while—The Game has certainly accrued enough wealth over his 11-year career to comfortably walk away from the music industry. According to The Richest, The Game's net worth is a cool $25 million.


By DJ Z, who loves to argue with you on Twitter.

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