Run The Jewels Surprise Fans With Early Release of 'RTJ3'

El-P and Killer Mike just gave their fans the ultimate holiday gift.

Six months ago, when news broke that El-P and Killer Mike were planning on releasing RTJ3 before the end of 2016, we were f**king hyped.

Despite delivering outstanding singles in "Talk to Me," "2100" and "Legend Has It," however, at the top of December, the duo announced that their third full-length LP wouldn't be released until January 13, 2017.

To the surprise of nobody, though, RTJ3 has arrived three weeks early. 

If you pre-ordered the free version of RTJ3, head over to (if their server comes back up) now and enter your password to start your download.

If you didn't pre-order a free copy or if you're in the mood to show El-P and Mike your financial support this holiday season, you can purchase the 14-track project on iTunes.

Happy Holidays!


By DJ Z, who loves to argue with you on Twitter.

Photo Credit: RTJ



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