Holy Sh*t You Need to Hear Lil B & Metro Boomin’s “My House”

Based God-n-Harmony.

Lil B has been teasing his new Black Ken mixtape for a minute now, talking about how it “will change the world” while dedicating it to everyone from Kanye West and Vince Staples to A$AP Yams and Swaggy P.

Last night (December 28), the Based God finally released the first track from Black Ken, and it doesn’t disappoint.

On “My House,” the Based God joins forces with the current Beats God, Metro Boomin, for a truly fantastic reworking of Bone Thugs-n-Harmony’s ’96 Grammy-winning hit “Tha Crossroads,” which itself was a dedication to Eazy-E and other late family and friends of the group.

On the production side, Metro Boomin slows down DJ U-Neek’s original, unmistakable melody to a promethazine pace, updating it with airy claps and his speaker slapping drums. With these few tweaks, Metro completely changes the mood from melancholic to euphoric—a fitting backdrop for the most positive man in hip-hop.

Lil B also turns Bone Thugs-n-Harmony’s remembrance anthem on its head, choosing instead to entice a black Barbie with humble brags about having a pool in his living room and blowing his mortgage at the club. There is even a sly nod to Future, too: “How many friends is coming witcha? Shit, I don’t give a fuck if they was real sistas.”

Some might call “My House” sacrilege, others might call it an instant classic. But if that outro—graceful, heaven-bound and full of “Metro Boomin want some mo, n*gga!” drops—doesn’t make you feel like you’re riding in a chrome-plated chariot in the sky, not even the Based God can save you.


By Andy James. Follow him on Twitter.