SZA's Debut is on TDE's 2017 Release Schedule, She Doesn't Have to Quit

TDE’s CEO puts SZA retirement fears to rest and preps fans for 2017 in one fell swoop.

By October of this year, it was obvious that both fans of SZA and the singer herself had grown weary of the wait for her debut project, a hunger that was being exacerbated by album releases from nearly all of her TDE labelmates.

After three years on the label and only one proper project release, a 10-track EP, SZA was justifiably frustrated about not being prioritized on TDE's calendar, to the point she threatened to “quit” her label and the industry, a prospect that seemed like a legitimate possibility on the heels of similar frustrations expressed by Ab-Soul.

Thankfully, SZA never turned in her two-week notice because her proper TDE debut is now officially slated to arrive at the top of 2017. In a recent Instagram post, founder and CEO Top Dawg addressed the label’s upcoming release schedule, and SZA is heading the pack.

Based on the context of SZA’s tweets from October, it’s safe to assume that she’s had this project done for some time and has been waiting for her rightful spot on TDE’s already crowded release schedule.

With that in mind, SZA's debut will undoubtedly set the tone for not only the rest of her musical career but her relationship with one of the most dominant independent labels in the music industry. If TDE fumbles the promotion for her album or the material just doesn’t connect after years of anticipation and hype, it’s going to be a difficult hole for the young artist to dig herself out of.

Is 2017 the year SZA fully asserts her greatness? My gut says yes.


By Brent Bradley. Follow him on Twitter.

Photo Credit: Instagram