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Curren$y & Freddie Gibbs Share Plans to Release EP in 2017

Spitta is bringing Gibbs along for a fittingly prolific start to his 2017.

Regardless of how people feel about his insane output, I will forever be amazed at Curren$y’s ability to keep pumping out music at a superhuman pace.

After 50+ projects, Spitta is showing no signs of slowing down, and it looks like he’s about to bring a friend along for the ride in 2017.

In a recent Instagram post, Curren$y revealed plans for a joint EP between with Freddie Gibbs while simultaneously proving that Freddie Gibbs can ski, in case you were wondering.



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Tentatively titled Fetti, the collaborative project has yet to be given a concrete release date, but Curren$y promised it was coming this year and he’s usually one to under promise and over deliver, so I wouldn’t be surprised if its release was imminent.

While Curren$y rampaged his way through 2016, Gibbs spent most of the year quiet after being cleared of rape charges by an Austrian court in September.

In addition to appearing on "Stash House," a standout selection from Curren$y’s most recent mixtape 12/30, the pairing also collaborated on 2011's “Scottie Pippen” from Curren$y’s Alchemist-produced Covert Coup project. 

Spitta and Gibbs clearly share an artistic chemistry, and given the fact that Gibbs hasn’t had a proper release since 2015’s excellent Shadow of a Doubt, this project could very well be the comeback we’ve been waiting for.

Curren$y may have more projects out than you can shake a stick at, but when he name drops Gibbs as a collaborator, it’s best we listen.


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