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Drake's 'Summer Sixteen' Dethrones JAY-Z & Kanye as Highest-Grossing Hip-Hop Tour

First Drake kicked Jay and Kanye off "Pop Style" and now this?

Watch The Throne was one of rap’s most epic events. The union of Kanye and Jay Z brought together two heavyweights in celebration of their climb to the top of hip-hop’s echelon. Such a big album had to be met with an equally grandiose tour, a moment that most will remember for their nightly repeat performances of “Niggas In Paris.”

It was a rare phenomenon to see the two together on the biggest stages, in the biggest arenas, in front of hordes of admiring fans who came out in droves to see two of the most legendary artists in hip-hop perform on the same bill. The Watch The Throne Tour grossed $75 million ($48.3 in North America/$27.3 Worldwide), making it the highest-grossing rap tour in rap history.

Until today.

For five years, The Throne held the record, but their reign has come to an end. Pollstarpro recently revealed the highest-grossing tours of 2016, including Drake’s Summer Sixteen Tour, which accumulated a massive gross to the tune of $85 million, dethroning Jay Z and Kanye’s previous record.

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Not only did Drake have a record-breaking album and a record-breaking single, but his final victory lap is also a record-breaking tour. This is no small feat, either. Drake’s tour run consisted of 54 shows, while The Throne had 63―even though he performed at fewer venues, Drake was able to bring in more revenue (not accounting for inflation).

Tours are a great indication of an artist's popularity. You can’t download a ticket, you can’t pirate a performance, it requires not only spending money but spending time. The numbers are further proof that not only is Drake’s the world most popular rapper, but his dominance has exceeded the combined force of Jay Z and Kanye.

Of course, Drake didn’t do it alone; he had Future by his side during a pivotal moment at his peak popularity. The two giants have never been taller, and the numbers prove the masses walked out their doors to see them live. Much like Watch The Throne, Views will be remembered as a huge, epic rap event. From the singles to the album, and now the tour, 2016 was completely dominated by Drake.

Jay Z and Kanye may still sit on the throne, but they have to make room for Drake, there’s no denying he deserves a chair alongside the kings. 

By Yoh, aka Watch The Yoh aka @Yoh31



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