Gucci Mane Weighed Nearly 300 Pounds at His Lean-Sipping Peak

Guwop recently revealed just how much his appetite for codeine affected his physical appearance.
Gucci Mane Lean Weight

Over the past year, Gucci Mane has undergone an incredible transformation. In addition to working himself into better physical shape, the veteran ATL rapper also kicked his drug habit.

In an interview last week on Highly Questionable, Gucci was asked by host Dan Le Batard about the process of drying out from years of abusing lean. 

Gucci's description of the detox process—"indescribable" and "terrible, terrible pain," almost equivalent to starving—wasn't surprising, but the real jaw-dropping moment came when he revealed the amount of weight he gained while sipping syrup.

"I was so bloated and overweight, I was almost 290 pounds," Gucci said.

The most popular, commonly associated side-effects of dirty Sprite abuse are slow, slurred speech, drowsiness, loss of balance and coordination, paleness and dental problems, but as Gucci made clear in his comments, extreme weight gain, which can itself cause a whole host of physical and mental issues, shouldn't be overlooked.

It's important to note, however, that weight gain as a result of a prescription cold medication addiction isn't something that happens overnight. As Gucci revealed later in the interview, he sipped out of a styrofoam "at least once a day" for six to seven years.

Thankfully, through a regimen that included exercise, eating healthy, drinking water and reading, Gucci was able to shed 75 pounds upon his release from prison this past July.

With hip-hop undergoing a quiet, straight edge revolution, hopefully, Gucci's metamorphosis from a drug addict to a health-conscious cyclist is celebrated and not ignored.