Jeezy Penned "My President" Five Months Before Obama Became President

The hood-certified classic was recorded well before Obama was elected to office.

On Tuesday evening, while President Obama issued his farewell address at McCormick Place in Chicago, Jeezy was on Genius annotating his Obama-inspired anthem, "My President."

As a part of their Verified Classic video series, Jeezy broke down the lyrics on his Nas-assisted single, in addition to reminding the world that he wrote and recorded the hood-certified classic well before Obama was actually elected to office. "By the way, when I wrote the song, he didn't win until four months later," Jeezy said. "So, it was like you kind of spoke it into existence."

So, to recap, here is a timeline of the events:



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June 3, 2008: Jeezy receives a beat from Tha Bizness and begins to write to it. "This beat is special," he recalls. Normally, Jeezy schedules his recording sessions late in the evening, but he's so inspired by the production he decides to get up early the next day so that he can have a full day in the studio. At 2:08 AM, the record is complete. (Note: Jeezy told Genius he recorded the song four months prior to Obama's win, but it was actually five months and a day.)

August 20, 2008: The record, which at the time, was entitled "My President is Black," is premiered on Jeezy's website—unfortunately, usda2day.com is no more—and makes the rounds across the blogosphere. Jeezy reveals that the song will be a part of his forthcoming album, The Recession, which is slated for a September 2 release.

November 4, 2008: Democratic candidate Barack Obama defeats Republican candidate John McCain to become the 44th President of the United States of America.

November 15, 2008: Def Jam, Jeezy's record label, officially releases the song as a single, retitling the record to "My President" and making it available for digital purchase.

Of course, Jeezy didn't know that Barack Obama would win the office of the President of the United States when he first penned "My President," but the song's release leading up to Obama's victory and entrance to the White House certainly didn't harm Obama's campaign or his affect his chance of winning. Unfortunately, eight years later, the same can't be said in the aftermath of YG releasing his politically-motivated anthem "FDT" and Donald Trump being elected to be our commander-in-chief.



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