Fake News: 5 Takeaways from 2 Chainz & Drake's Latest Studio Session

We have some strong predictions about this upcoming collaboration.

Word on the internet is that 2 Chainz and Drake were in the studio the other night.

The “Big Amount” collaborators are each prepping new projects of their own—Drake has his More Life playlist on the way, while 2 Chainz is promising an April 7 release for Pretty Girls Like Trap Music—and while some are reporting that an upcoming collaboration between the two rappers is on its way, we went a step further by trying to figure out what this picture means, and how that relates to a potential new collaboration.

Below are five things we might have learned about Drizzy and Tity’s new collab, based only on what we’ve actually seen:

The record is possibly an ode to Versace.

In the famous words of Migos (and also Drake), “Versace. Versace, Versace.” If you look closely, 2 Chainz is seen wearing Versace’s "I ♥ Baroque" bathrobe, a $550 piece of luxury fabric that features not only a detachable belt with Barocco print and Greca print details on the sleeves but also pockets on the front. It’s unclear from the picture what might be contained in 2 Chainz’s front pockets (Could it be a hard copy of Jay Electronica’s fabled Act II? Justin Bieber’s hood pass? An entire collection of Homies figurines?), but the fact that he’s wearing the robe is a clear sign that 'Sace influence is going to be all over this upcoming collaboration.

Don’t believe me and think it’s just a coincidence? Take a look at this picture of Drake wearing the SAME. EXACT. ROBE.

Photo via Drake's Instagram

Photo via Drake's Instagram

Was Drake letting 2 Chainz borrow his robe? Was it 2 Chainz's robe all along? Do they each own one? We might never fully understand the importance of this bathrobe.

2 Chainz was probably really high.

Look at the size of that broccoli wand.



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Now, look at his eyes.

Image placeholder title

Confirmed lack of sobriety, folks.

The record will possibly contain sports references.

If you look toward the background, it's clear ESPN is on the studio TV screen when this picture was taken. With such sport-related inspiration, we can only assume that Drake will (possibly) name-drop whatever team has the best record in their respective league this season, and that 2 Chainz will (possibly) say something along the lines of, “Your girl wetter than a Jheri curl, crib the same size as JerryWorld.”

The studio was probably cold.

Drake’s jacket, a combination of shearling and denim, along with the lack of sweat beads on his face, point to the fact that the studio was most likely under 50 degrees Fahrenheit that day/night. Anything higher than that and such a jacket would be not only exceedingly hot but borderline dangerous.

J. Lo is possibly featured on the record.

Remember a few weeks ago when everyone was speculating that Drake and J. Lo had worked together? Well, what better way to add to the hype behind such a collab than by putting 2 Chainz—a man who once famously proclaimed his love for big booties—on the same record? Admittedly, this is a bit of a stretch considering nothing in the picture or caption pointed to Lopez’s involvement whatsoever, but I won’t insult your intelligence by pretending that this doesn’t look eerily similar to a trap door that she could have escaped through prior to the picture being taken.

Image placeholder title

Only time will tell if any of these bold predictions will ring true, but I've got my money on the fact that No. 2 is a lock, at the very least.



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