Holy Sh*t You Need to Watch Young Thug's "Wyclef Jean" Video

Thugger's sense of humor takes a generic rap video to new heights.

I’ve never personally experienced a more dramatic 180 when it comes to how I feel about an artist than with Young Thug.

When Thugger first arrived on the scene, I was part of the vast majority that brushed him off as a hyperactive Wayne biter, destined to enjoy his moment of viral fame before fading away into obscurity.

Five years later, I find myself clamoring for new Young Thug material, inexplicably comparing him to the Purple One, and defending/explaining him to the very people that once shared my disdain for his squeaky-voiced musical offerings.

In addition to my own personal shift in music taste, my change of heart is also largely due to Young Thug's legitimate improvement when it comes to his artistry, having extended an assumed short-lived moment of fame with passion, innovation and when necessary, not taking himself too seriously.

Today (January 17), Thugger released the video for the introductory track of last year’s Jeffery project, “Wyclef Jean,” and it’s a perfect example of Thug being in on the joke. Not only that, it’s fucking brilliant.

Seriously, holy shit this video is fun.



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The entire video is stitched together by a narrative from the video’s co-director Ryan Staake, telling the tale of attempting to actually make the video happen even though Young Thug never showed up to the shoot.

While the shots Ryan did get are certainly entertaining, it’s the continued commentary throughout the video that allows it to shine, and regardless of whether the story is true or not, Thug and his team deserve major kudos for taking the road less traveled in hip-hop videos—humor.

I honestly can’t decide which scenario would make this video more amazing: that Thug had this concept in his head the entire time, created a narrative and crushed it—or—that Thug genuinely flaked on his own high-budget video shoot and allowed the director to consistently call him out throughout the finished product.

Either way, this video is beyond entertaining, and a perfect example of the off-kilter decisions that continue to make Young Thug one of the most exciting artists in hip-hop.


By Brent Bradley. Follow him on Twitter.

Photo Credit: YouTube



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