Big Sean Says He Doesn't "Give a F**k" About Radio Songs, Teases Eminem Collab

Sean Don’s next offering sounds like his strongest and most focused album yet.

Although I was a bit late to the party, over the past few years, I’ve been consistently surprised and impressed not only by Big Sean’s output but his general demeanor as well.

A huge proponent of manifesting your own reality, Sean’s rise to stardom has been a shining example of practicing what you preach every time he's hit the recording booth or the stage. As Sean’s career continues to grow, the 28-year-old emcee has become increasingly in tune with himself as a man and as an artist and has made a promise to stay true to himself instead of trying to fit within the parameters of what the industry might expect of him.

In a new interview with Zane Lowe on Beats 1 Radio, Sean describes some of the ways in which his point of view has changed when it comes to success and also provides some incredibly exciting updates on his forthcoming album I Decided.

"I knew my potential, and I just feel like before 'Dark Sky Paradise' I was not executing my full potential. I looked at myself and said why did I feel like that, I felt like that because I didn't put the thought and the process into it like I should have. And then on 'Dark Sky' I did, and I feel like 'Dark Sky Paradise' was a blueprint for a lot of my future albums. It was definitely the foundation, it was the base of a house I'm building that i wanna look back on 100 years from now and I want people to hear that."

Zane praised Big Sean for reaching a level of brutal honesty on Dark Sky Paradise that not many artists can reach and offered up the viewpoint that within music, the more honest and transparent an artist can be, the more engaged their fans will be, a tactic we’ve seen work with artists like Tech N9ne, Isaiah Rashad and countless others.



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When it comes to his mindset going forward, however, Sean made clear his focus is on making music he wants to make and leaving behind something that people will still want to listen to years into the future.

I don't give a fuck about a radio song, I don't care about none of that.

Not only is Sean’s attitude about radio indicative of its plummeting relevance in 2017, but it has resulted in immediate success. In not attempting to make a traditional radio single, Sean did just that—his single “Bounce Back” is currently at No. 6 Mediabase's Top 30 Urban chart.

Hearing the progression of Sean’s music over the years in direct correlation to his mental and spiritual maturation already made I Decided. an anticipated release, but later in the interview, Sean dropped a bombshell of a guest feature—Eminem will appear on a track called “No Favors.”

"He was the only person I heard that could be on that song. It just reminded me why I am such an Eminem fan."

The two have collaborated before—on the SHADYXV track “Detroit vs. Everybody”—but this will mark the first time the pairing doesn't have to share the spotlight with five other artists. Hearing Zane and Sean describe the track, it’s safe to say “No Favors” is going to land on some “best of” playlists by the end of 2017.

We’ll find out for certain on February 3, when I Decided. is released via G.O.O.D. Music and Def Jam.



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