Donald Glover Was So Impressed By Childish Gambino Fan Site He Hired The Owner

Thanks to the internet, working for or alongside your favorite artist is only a mouse click away.

Imagine the feeling of creating a fan site for your favorite recording artist, only to eventually be contacted by that recording artist with a job offer. Surreal, right?

That exact scenario might sound too good to be true, but for 22-year-old Miles Konstantin, a 2015 graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, it's reality.

According to a new feature at Wired, when Donald Glover came across Konstantin's Childish Gambino fansite, he was so impressed that he contacted the New York native and asked him to help create an app for his 2016 Pharos festival in Joshua Tree.

Konstantin studied physics in college by day, and he and his two roommates worked on Glover’s website at night. - Wired



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Glover named Konstantin creative technical director and tasked him with designing an app for the event with a countdown that featured a slowly approaching Earth as the days, hours and minutes approached the date of the festival. The genius of the app was its ability to lock the purchase of a ticket—for $99—to the exact phone from which the purchase was made, making ticket scalping an impossibility. 

On Twitter, he credited Keaton Brandt and Osvaldo Rosado as the "real brains behind the app," but in being named the Head of Technology for all things Gambino before even graduating from college, Konstantin's own company 3am LLC has seen tremendous growth, landing clients like Wolf + Rothstein, a music management firm in Los Angeles, and Downplay, a forthcoming music discovery platform.

While Konstantin's story might seem ultra-rare, it's actually not. In 1997, rapper and producer Cilvaringz freestyled for ODB at a Wu-Tang Clan concert in Amsterdam and was eventually ushered into the Wu as an affiliate, later producing alongside RZA on the group's controversial album Once Upon a Time in Shaolin. Similarly, A$AP Lou went from fan to official member of the Mob after meeting the group's leader after a concert. "Rocky needed an assistant at the time and asked if I wanted to come on board and do that and I accepted," he told Acclaim.

Thanks to the internet, working for or alongside your favorite artists is only a mouse click away. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to whip up a recipe for a signature Action Bronson calzone and tweet him the ingredient list.


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